Distance Learning: how to create a killer mobile education solution

In today’s technology-driven world, mobile apps have become very popular. They are now applied in almost all aspects of our life. One important area where applications can be used is distance learning.

Due to busy lifestyles, many people find it difficult to attend physical classes. Most of these people, however, are willing to learn to use alternative channels such as mobile applications. There are various methods by which you can design distance learning applications. However, not all of them can attract a very large audience. The question that arises then is how can you develop the best learning application? Stay tuned for great tips on how to create killer mobile learning solutions like this one.

Mobile learning apps must have great content

As they say in the tech world, content is king. Likewise, when developing educational applications, it is very important to create content that is interesting enough. A learner must find content that is interesting so that they continue through it. It’s important to use a variety of tactics when creating your content, including the use of images, attractive graphics, and the use of plain language.

If your learning app is for children, consider using cartoons and different colors to grab the child’s attention. Apart from using text, it is important to have some video content so that students can enjoy a variety of things.


Games are an important aspect of enriching the learning experience. Adults, as well as children, appreciate content that contains a few simple games. The game can be used in certain parts, such as when answering questions.

Simplification of the learning process

You can simplify the learning process by using a variety of tactics. For example, when dealing with difficult concepts, it is important to explain them in plain language and apply relevant examples. You should also make the learning experience memorable by organizing the learning procedure into simple tasks to follow.

Difficult concepts must be introduced gradually and in an organized manner. Stop introducing complex ideas out of the blue because doing so may deter learners. Remember, interesting apps can also attract raving reviews, which in turn can attract more clients.

Frequent updates

In order to attract students’ attention for a long time, it is very important to update the content of your application regularly. Make sure you post engaging and fresh learning content that attracts all ages. You can update the application with audio-visual material or specific and interesting facts.

Personal configuration

The configuration mode must be individualized to meet the needs of each student. Remember, learners have different styles about how they want to access content. For example, if they don’t like repeating, give them the option to stop repeating a certain concept. Using the same configuration mode for everyone may not unfavor well with certain students.

Offline Mode

Some countries do not have stable network availability. When developing learning applications, it is very important to offer users the option of using offline mode. This will allow them to continue interacting with the application, even when the network is down.

Students must complete a certain task in a short and satisfied time before moving on to the next assignment.

Attractive and mobile friendly user interface

The mobile interface is designed for swiping and tapping. Your learning application must comply with the requirements of this smartphone technology. Students may not like apps that require them to keep typing or clicking.

Push notifications

Push notifications are an essential element of a mobile learning application. Through this feature, you can communicate with students via in-app messages. Most students will probably want to access messages from you through the app and not their email addresses. Push messages can amplify the tutor’s audio message.

Quiz technique

Different methods can be used to design your queries. For example, you can use several types of quizzes, apply random questions, offer hints for answers, and more. You can choose a technique or two that students might find interesting.


Technological advances have taken education by storm. Now more than ever, students can acquire knowledge through mobile applications. Learning applications, however, must have special features and designs to attract more many students. This article has discussed some of the essential designs and features that any educational app should have.