How To Improve On Your First Mobile App

Releasing your first mobile app to market is an exciting event. Even if it doesn’t always perform well, it can still serve as a learning experience and a way for you to make your next mobile offering even better.

Releasing your first mobile app to market is an exciting event. Even if it doesn’t always perform well, it can still serve as a learning experience and a way for you to make your next mobile offering even better. Whether your first app broke or thrived on the market, there is undoubtedly what you can improve on in your follow-up offering. To encourage that frame of mind, here are a few ways you can make improvements with your second mobile app.

Eliminates Distractions

Anyone who has ever used an application knows about glitches in software and how annoying they are. Q again, chances are you’re running into your fair share of error issues with your original mobile app offering. While at times these software problems may seem impossible to avoid, there is definitely room for you to reduce them when designing your second application. Working with your programmer, you should aim to eliminate as many glitches as possible. Nonetheless, such problems can still arise, which is why you should stay on top of your new app user feedback. Also, when you get feedback on interruptions in application programming, you should immediately work on releasing an update to fix the problem. A quick response to the matter can really improve your reputation with users, and in the market as a whole.

Better Marketing

For mobile companies, marketing is the aspect that can suffer the most. This is quite common, in fact, as most mobile tech-minded individuals do not necessarily come with the skills or experience to properly advertise and market their finished products to target demographics. If you fall into this category, you should aim to better your marketing efforts for your second application. If your budget allows, this could mean hiring a marketing consultant, or it could mean you need to go more out with the marketing of your next mobile venture. After all, and regardless of how successful your first application is, you can always increase its marketing.

Design Aspects

Whether interface or navigation, it’s highly unlikely that you will get such a design aspect perfect on your first try. Not to mention, your next application may be completely different from the first, which will require its design aspects to keep up. So when you’re aiming to improve your initial mobile offering, look at various aspects of its design, including interface and navigation, then decide how you can make it better in your next app. Through such brainstorming, you may want to get input from other team members, and even people outside of your company, to see exactly what aspects of design users see when using an app like yours.


There is no question that your first mobile app might not be perfect, and even if it is, you will still want to fix it. As a mobile company, you should always aim to come up with a better mobile offering than the last. Whether it’s improving marketing, its design features, or removing as many software glitches as possible, with your next mobile offering, you have a unique opportunity to make something better than its predecessors. Then, when you release your second app on the market, you get the distinct pleasure of enhancing it with your third mobile app.

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