7 basic rules to help you keep a smartphone at its best

In today’s modern world smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. These smart devices help people solve multiple important tasks, relax and make our life easier and more interesting. But like any other piece of technology, a smartphone can fail much earlier than expected due to the improper usage. And since most of the smartphones are quite expensive, we naturally want them to serve as much time as possible as well as retain its original look. In this article, we collected several basic tips to help you enjoy your device longer.

1.Phone protection accessories

After purchasing a new smartphone we usually can’t wait to go home to try out all of its best features. But let’s not forget about one very important thing that needs to be done before we can enjoy our new gadget. Getting additional phone accessories is crucial if you want to keep your new device protected from any damage. Unfortunately, users often refuse to buy phone protection accessories, believing that it is only a waste of money. However, as practice shows, a lot of times protective film on the screen or a good-quality case can not only help maintain the look of the phone but also save you from spending money on additional repair.

Choose a phone case with waterproof and impact-resistant features. If you accidentally drop the phone on the floor or even into the water, it will most likely withstand the impact. The texture of a protection case should be soft inside yet firm enough from the outside. You want to be sure that your gadget won’t be scratched but still be able to survive drops.

We also suggest doubling phone protection with special screen film or invisible shield glass. It will minimize the number of scratches, even if you’re used to putting your phone in a pocket with house keys or change.

Variety of phone cases

2. Air temperature

Those who live in places where winters are cold and snowy will have to consider the air temperature in order to keep a smartphone in its best condition. Cold is the main enemy of any mobile device. Low temperatures make smartphones discharge quicker, work slower or even randomly reboot. To avoid this kind of problem make sure not to expose your phone to low temperatures by, for example, carrying it in the inner pocket of your jacket.

If happened so, that your phone has discharged in the cold, do not rush to turn it on right away. Come home from cold and let the device warm up to a room temperature. Otherwise, condensation may occur on a smartphone chip, which may lead to a short circuit.

In addition, high temperatures make the same harmful impact on the device and may damage it. Therefore do not expose your phone to high temperatures or direct sunlight, as it may overheat your gadget.

A man using phone during winter

3. Clean the junk

Handle your smart device as a living organism, which accumulates trash during its operation and needs to be cleaned from time to time. This advice is especially useful for smartphones running on the Android operating system. By removing unnecessary cache and residual files, as well as freeing RAM, you can significantly reduce the number of glitches on your smartphone. There are numerous apps offered to help you remove all the junk from the device, you just need to pick the one you like.

4. Charge smartphone correctly

Smartphone battery starts to lose its capacity after around 500 charging cycles, but this moment may come much earlier if you charge your phone incorrectly. Try to maintain full charge cycles, meaning do not start charging it, when there’s still some battery left. But at the same time do not wait until it is completely discharged. The best time to start charging is at 15% of the battery.

If you’re in a no-network area, it will be best to turn off the phone completely. Otherwise, it will constantly search for a network and discharge much quicker. An intensive operation has a detrimental effect on the battery. In addition, a great advice is not to connect the car charger to your phone before you start the engine, since such a quick change in electricity may harm your phone.And remember to always use original charges and accessories. Cheap and low-quality analogs can damage the phone or significantly shorten its operating time.

A discharged phone

5.Keep smartphone clean

It has long been proven that mobile devices with large touch screens are very handy. In fact, this unique feature has made them so popular. But sometimes using touch screen may become not as pleasant as it used to be. For instance, it is more and more difficult to get rid of any scratches or stains on the touch screen with time. Therefore it is crucial to keep the hygiene of your device at the highest level, especially since smartphone often touches your face and ears. The bacteria and microbes, accumulated on the device, may cause skin irritation and even provoke the appearance of acne. In order to avoid this problem keep in mind simple tips on how to clean your phone.

First of all, read the instruction manual for your phone to learn about cleaning options. Keep in mind that most devices can be damaged by such caustic substances as acids, alkalis and solvents. Some touch screens do not tolerate even rubbing alcohol. Next step is to turn off the device before cleaning the screen. Use a special cloth with microfibers. This type of fabric removes dirt very well, while not leaving any scratches on the surface of your touch screen. Many stores also sell special polishes or wet wipes, which will help keep the device clean.

6.Find a safe storage place

Choose a safe place to store and keep your phone, while not using it. Make sure that it won’t be accidentally knocked by people walking by. Also, do not leave the smartphone in your bag or any other closed container for a long period of time when the device is not turned off. Charged mobile phone may potentially cause a fire, due to the fact that Li-ion batteries (typical for most phones) give off heat when charging and discharging.

Smartphone in a bag

7.Secure a smartphone from theft

Try to take a smartphone with you whenever possible and never leave it unattended. Also be cautious, when others use your phone, even under your supervision. Unfortunately, professional thieves work very fast and you might not even notice its absence at first until it will be already too late. But in case of theft, use special software to lock the phone. In addition, depending on the brand of the smartphone, you can turn it off, even if it is already stolen. Do not forget that all mobile devices have a serial number. Write it down somewhere, it might help you find the phone afterward.