The Best Weather Apps for UK

For those that have mobile devices, checking the weather is one of the common actions performed. People are always looking ahead to make plans for gatherings or getaways and with some of the leading UK apps for weather, there are some great ways to always be informed of upcoming storms or sunny days. Many of the latest smartphones on the market have built-in weather forecasting abilities, but there are advanced apps that are used by many.

The hottest apps for weather can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices and there are also apps for other devices like Windows and Blackberry phones and tablets. With some great apps available, one can always have the latest weather predictions in the palm of their hand and will be able to see weather forecasts in other locations around the world. Here, we take a look at the best weather apps for those in the UK and offer some information on what these apps include.

Top Apps for UK Weather

MET Office Weather App –When using the MET app, one can receive accurate and up to date forecasts throughout the UK. This app can be used on Android and iOS devices and is one of the most up to date apps available, offering updates every hour as well as a 5-day forecast for more than 5,000 locations in the United Kingdom. Users will benefit from detailed maps, text summaries and can even enable push notifications so they never miss any important updates.

AccuWeather –This amazing app has become one of the most used around the world and with AccuWeather users can enjoy detailed forecasts on their tablets or smartphones. The app offers much detail and is free to download. It prodes access to maps, widgets and has a 15-day forecast option. Users can change locations to get the latest weather updates for any place in the world, so they will always be informed on weather patterns and any upcoming events. Those that are iOS gadget lovers will also appreciate the fact that AccuWeather can be enjoyed using an Apple Watch as well as other devices.

WeatherBug –There are hundreds of UK weather apps that can be accessed, but for those that are looking for detailed statistics and want an app that will let them know how current weather can affect daily life, the WeatherBug app is a great choice. This app offers real-time information and makes use of one of the largest networks of weather sensors. Users can benefit from traffic cams, detailed weather maps and even tips on how to protect a home from severe weather. WeatherBug is one of the most used weather apps in the UK and since it is free to install and can be used on multiple operating systems, it is a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable weather app.

Weather Bug App

Weather Channel –The Weather Channel is one of the leading apps and while it is not one that focuses on UK users, it is enjoyed by many Brits. The app offers maps and forecasts for areas all around the globe and users will be able to use the app in different devices, including Apple Watches. The app includes notifications that will inform users of any weather changes that are about to take place and it is a free app that offers simple navigation. The only downfall is that the app does contain a lot of ads. However, it is loaded with great features that make this a top choice for UK weather watchers.