10 Mobile Apps to Help you Learn to Code

In today’s environment where technology is dominant, an increasing number of services are shifting online- this has made programming to become amongst the best career choices available.

Some have even championed for almost a decade the fact that everyone needs to know how to code. But, even with that, the demand for programmers is growing at a higher rate compared to the people opting to learn to code.

The main reason is that people consider it complicated — since many have tried and ended up avoiding it. How it was taught previously in class made it appear tough.

Do you desire to how to code within minimal time? Know that there is no magic that can make you a developer overnight but relying on hard work and effort.

Below are the best 10 apps that can teach you how to code.

  1. Encode

Encode is an interactive code editor that JavaScript powers. Beginners can enjoy using this app since it is basic even though it offers in-depth coding insights.

The unique thing about Encode is that it commences from the very beginning. It later offers bits and bits of concepts in each section that you can learn in your spare time. Its programming lessons are short enough to fit in your busy schedule. It is smooth in teaching such that it is only after the basic concepts are over that it introduces the more advanced coding languages such as JavaScript. The app offers interactive lessons accompanied by feedback at the end. But, the detrimental thing about it is that only Android users can use it.

  1. Udacity

Udacity is an app similar to other more intensive programming learning apps. The app gives you a choice to learn either CSS, Python, HTML, JavaScript or any other programming language. Courses in this app are valuable since Udacity has partnered with Cloudera, Facebook, MongoDB, and Google to develop them.

Some of its courses are free, and you can learn them from anywhere. However, there are also premium courses that enable you to get professional feedback. Apart from that, you can benefit from the nano degrees Udacity offers if you like to raise things a notch higher.


  1. Tynker

Unlike Udacity, Tynker does not apply the serious kind of learning. It applies games in place of mobile courses with the aim of teaching kids about coding.

In this interactive system, in case a player fails to complete a level, instructions of how to improve are provided and a chance to replay due to the drag-and-drop concept.

Through doing puzzles and building games, students or kids are able to understand the programming concept easily. Though it won’t enable them to build complete apps, it will provide them with basics and a good foundation of coding.

  1. Khan Academy

If you have a laptop or tablet, the most popular way to learn different kinds of things is through Khan Academy. Unlike Udacity which is partly free, it is completely free to learn.

Apart from coding, it can enable you to learn other interesting stuff linked to programming. For instance, from its library, you can access free video tutorials and exercises about the fundamentals of computer science.

Even though it has user-created lessons, you will still benefit from the intro courses on key coding languages like HTML/CSS. It also gives you the basic knowledge about animation, drawing and webpages building. The good thing is that both iOS and Android users can benefit from coding skills on Khan Academy App.

  1. CodeHub

If you want a simple, modern app that can walk you through the coding process, then, opt for CodeHub. When it comes to studying how to code, Codehub gives you a breath of fresh air from an extra clutter that you find in other apps. The app has 50 lessons that you can further divide the way you wish. In that way, you can choose to take a lesson daily or weekly, hence, making the goal of entirely completing the course easily attainable.

In each skill level, you will find 4 different lesson levels, which is a great thing about CodeHub. This allows you to select a category that suits you so that if you have basic knowledge, you can simply skip the beginner or web level. There is also a simple button on the app that you can type and submit any doubts or questions about the course.

If you intend to learn and study coding on a shorter-term basis, CodeHub is a great app to consider.

  1. SoloLearn


This app is not a single app but a series of several apps. Google Play and the App Store highly rate these apps as a great, dynamic and interactive way to learn coding basics. Each app enables a learner to study a particular coding language. You need to be objective while studying, for instance, you would choose to learn Java if you need to build an Android app and study CSS and HTML apps when you need to build webpages.

In the learning process, you will go through the lessons initially and later complete with checkpoints and quizzes. To motivate users, the app gives scores after each section. Other users are also able to post their scores on an online leaderboard and thus, enhance competition.

  1. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a one-stop shop for learning various key programming languages. It features 20 programming languages in various complete course materials and examples. Coding simple and fun apps anywhere and anytime is easy with Programming Hub. Experts made precise course materials that make learning the lessons enjoyable.

Programming Hub

  1. Swifty

Instead of attending Apple’s new curriculum class or getting an official 500+ page eBook from Apple to learn swift, an app is another cool option. This helps where resources might be intimidating for you in the coding world. The tutorials set that Swift offers is are bite-size interactive lessons that you can learn at your spare time on iPad or iPhone. Swifty starts with basics on data types, variables, object-oriented programming and printing text on a screen.

They even came up with an ‘Everyone Can Code’ initiative that makes learning coding basic easy for anyone, whether a kid or an adult.

  1. Javvy: Learn to code in Java

Javvy is an app that works the same way like Swifty, only that it is centered on Java. With over 150 puzzles and numerous lessons, you will be able to learn intermediate and advanced concepts like classes, loops, modifiers, and arrays.

Javvy App

It has Interactive training modules that are fun as they take you from the basics to the harder and more complex lessons. Its bite-size projects and lessons are convenient enough to learn app development using your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar

For students or kids who want to learn to code in an exciting slow way, Code-a-pillar is the path to take. The app is rich in concepts and has few drawbacks. As the students solve the puzzles provided, they grasp various coding and programming concepts. It is advisable for a teacher to navigate students through this app to avoid confusion where the levels are not adequately explained. The techno electronica music it produces can be annoying for some but fun and exciting to others. Finally, this app is a cute coding activity that little kids can enjoy.