Mobile Learning Initiative in Comal ISD

The mPower initiative provides all teachers at Comal ISD with an iPad mobile device. The iPad is another tool in the classroom that both the teacher and students can use to support and enhance the curriculum. During the first year of implementation, teachers will be expected to learn basic skills on how to use the iPad as well as explore how they can be used instructionally.


11 Colleges Going All In On Mobile - Online Colleges

This resource (from online summarizes mobile initiatives at 11 universities in the United States.  Links to information on each is given.


Study Finds Benefits in Use of iPad as an Educational Tool

This article reports on a recent report on an initiative at Longfield Academy in Kent, England.


Longfield Academy in Kent, England is a recently built school covering years 7 through 13 (ages 11 to 18). At Longfield, they strive to provide a cutting edge learning experience incorporating a high level of technology integration in the curriculum. Over 800 students (the vast majority of students at the Academy) had or were issued iPads, across the full spectrum of grade levels (although not everyone had one, apparently a small percentage of students used other devices).

The report’s Executive Summary concludes, “The outcomes at Longfield clearly demonstrate the value of the iPad as an educational tool." Among the key findings noted in the Executive Summary:

  • The overwhelming majority of teachers regularly use the iPads in their teaching
  • There is a high demand from the students for iPad use to be extended further
  • Teachers have identified significant benefits for their workload and have also identified cost savings
  • Students are more motivated when using iPads
  • The quality and standard of pupil work and progress is rising
  • Appropriate use of Apps aids learning

The full report can be found here.


Manor ISD brings new technology to the classroom

by Jennifer Borget, YNN Network, Austin, TX

Technology is becoming more accessible for people of all ages. This year, the Manor Independent School District is issuing iPads to all of its high school students. District officials say the best way to help a student learn is to meet them where they’re at, and kids these days are living virtually.

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